Chance Loves…

Meet “Chance,” Chanel Elle Colette, a 12-year-old Southern California girl, born with her toes in the sand, heart in the sun, and then, after too many summers of bikinis too silly or skimpy, an eye for design.
From the beaches of the Pacific to the Coast of the Atlantic, Chance set out on a mission to better suit the needs of today’s Tweens and Teens for their favorite cuts, fits and prints. Then, with the help of her photographer mom, “Chance Loves Swimwear” was born. Together, they design collections of fun patterns and flattering styles, offering girls of all shapes and sizes just about every possibility under the Sun.
If Chance isn’t modeling the line herself, her friends are, while she helps her mom with photography and styling, and making sure everyone’s having a great time.
Chance earned her name by taking chances on the things she loves. And when it comes to this new line, she knows you’ll love it, too.

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